LYF Rentals


LYF offers four housing facilities with a total of 52 beds with rooms available in single, double, and triple occupancy. All facilities are within easy walking distance to most ashram activities (2-5 minutes walking distance). All of our rooms are for same-gender people (except for married couples), and all bathrooms are shared.

Our housing facilities are beautiful, peaceful, and decorated in classic New Mexican style

Shakti Nivas

Nirbhe Nivas

Amar Das Nivas

Reservation Options and Pricing

There are 3 reservation options depending on how many people are in your reservation:

  1. Individuals (just making a reservation for yourself)

    *Shared Doubles and Triples will be with people of the same gender.

    Single Room - $60.00/night

    Shared Double (shared with 1 other person) - $40.00/night

    Shared Triple (shared with 2 other people) - $35.00/night

  2. Groups (for reservations including 2 or 3 people of the same gender)

    *Please note when you pay for a Group Reservation, we require a single payment for all people at the time of booking. Separate payments by each person are not accepted.

    Double Room - $80.00/night

    Triple Room - $105/night

  3. Married Couples

    *Rooms are available with 1 queen bed or 2 twin beds.

    Married Couples - $70/night

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